Happy New Year

31 Dec

I personally follow the Hindu calander and celebrate the new year in the month of chaitra which is when our Sindhi new year is. Our hindu calender is according to nature or the seasons which is when the energy changes.

This year everybody is wishing everyone A Happy New Year hoping this new year will be better. Let’s have a boring and abnormal year where all good things happen.

When I studied psychology in college I came across a finding in my research that normal is not always desirable. If in a class of 12 students, 10 smoked then it was the norm or normal. The way things are now, let this new year be abnormally good with a lot good things happing. Wishing you a year full of boring good news in the newspapers and media.

We must have never thought we would come to a time when we wanted a life which was nothing to write home about in terms of excitment. The type of excitement we are having these days, we can do without. How about having the excitement of having a blessed life and living in harmony with each other and the universe.

Here’s wishing A New Year that Harmonious. All the Best. God Bless!


#Me too. Why 97 why not 100? The nation wants to know.

18 Oct
M J Akbar has employed a team of 97 lawyers to represent him. Why did he fall short of a 100? Could he not afford 3 more after being able to afford 97? Why does he need even 97? Are there 97 aspects to his defence. Is his defence so complicated? Is 97 an auspicious number? Will having 97 prove him innocent as he claims he is? Does he need 97 at the age of 67? What is the secret or reason? The nation wants to know. I read that he was asked to step down as he could not give a count of how many women would accuse him. Ah, now I get it. He anticipates that 97 women will accuse him as against the 35 who already have. Sad but true, it is possible.
So now I get it. There will be 97 cases and a lawyer for each case as the lawyers can get their cases mixed up. I guess then the saying, “sau chuhe kha ke billi Haj pe chali” (the cat goes on a pilgrimage after eating 100 mice) is not for him as he is short of just 3. I don’t think the Haj was made for such men as it is the house of God and not that of the devil.

What made him and the other men think they could get away with it? Even if the me too movement and the law would not have caught up with them, karma would have. In every religion the principle of karma exists and in every religion also exist men who think they are above every thing that religion teaches about everything, including on how to respect and treat women.

The editors guild, of which he was ironically the head, is supporting the women journalists who have come out against him and has offered legal aid and assistance to them. Only thing is that justice for such cases now needs to be on the fast track as justice delayed is justice denied.

You too, #me too, why me?!?!!

16 Oct

Till now the casting couch was blindly and mutly accepted in the film industry, first by women and then by men too. Whichever interview I have seen of Ms. Tanushree Dutta she has come across as educated and well spoken and most of all, consistent even after a decade. Now that educated women have entered the industry the old accepted norms have been challenged the men, esp the old men who do not have their daughters working in the film industry, do not like it. Women no longer accept that men will be men and men can’t accept that.

People find it easier to accept than to compain as they have to step out of their comfort zone and risk losing their job, which mostly is not only their livelihood but also of their families. Also say what you want, it’s still a man’s world esp in the film industry. There’s a price to be paid for everything, esp by the women in the film industry. They either pay the price for the role or pay the price with the role as the men stick together esp when it comes to silencing the women as they all live in glass houses and dare not cast the first or any other stone. People in power, esp if they are men with political connections, think they can get away with anything and no one can touch them; even if they have touched anyone inappropriately.
Discrimination against the weaker esp the so called weaker sex exists everywhere. Work place and home. Just everywhere. There’s no escape. Work in most places is all about pleasing a man which, even if it’s not the way it’s in the film industry, it means pleasing him by impressing him. Men know how to play the game very well by praising another women to you to get you to compete with her, to their benifit. They also try to make them feel guilty and responsible for all the work and women who don’t confirm to that are discriminated against and at times even ganged up against. We boast that in India according to the law both men and women in a similar post have to be paid the same, unlike in the USA, but how many reach there? There is a glass ceiling for women everywhere even in government offices. Even if the women stay at work past midnight they do not break the glass ceiling. They only loose their glass slippers and their dreams and end up feeling used and foolish.
I have a friend who though he lives in a chawl and could do with extra money didn’t let his wife work, decades ago, as he has seen what women had to go through in the work palce. He did not work in the film industry or a private company. He worked in a government organisation. In a government organisation you are safer though but that does not stop the men from trying. I have been working in one for the past 34 years and have had men trying, which have included my branch mangers and even an Assistant General Manager and believe me, they are still trying. When I get into a rickshaw I make sure I have a bag covering my bust as even now, at the age of 57, just this week, 2 rickshaw drivers adjusted their mirror to veiw my bust and not that I’m busty. I thought of telling them off but decided they were not worth it. However I have told people at work off when they have tried to boss over me or burden me with work because of my being a women.
As a kid I couldn’t understand when my dad told me that everything happened for the best and that some good came out of the bad too. I unerstood that with Sudha Chandran and the jaipur foot. How many people would have known about it had it not been for her? Today Menaka Gandhi, the Indian union cabinet minister for women and child development, has proposed to raise the period of logging a complain to 30 years as if it happens to a child she can’t lodge a complain at that time.
The media now is stronger and more powerful so things are coming to light but we still have people like Chetan Bhagat who think it was ok to message a female for “some action” even while he was married, as long as he apologizes to his wife for it on social media. Now other actresses are talking about what they went through too. Soon we’ll have the men talking too but what will come out of it? What will be the final result?
The burning question here is what is the solution for a safe working environment for all, esp women. Also are only women discriminated against at the work place or are only their voices heard? The way the laws are today, they are all for women and against men. The only problem is in implementing as women still don’t come forward to complain as we are all taught “shame” esp in India. But what about the men? Aren’t they ashamed too to admit that they are not man enought to stand up to women?

Another thing my dad told me as a child when I was this fierce feminist, is that it is the men around the world who need liberation. Now I understand it as we are all cagged and chained to our beliefs, habits and conditioning. Men need to be liberated from the belief that they can get away with anything. Women need to be liberated from that same belief about the men. We all need to see what we need to be liberated from and decide for ourselves.

There are no fixed or permanent solutions. It’s different for different people. We need to work toward them and mainly towards eliminating this shame issue we have in India which stops us from not only being heard but also from saying anything ie it stops us from hearing ourseves too.
6 Apr

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The Ganeshas are back.

13 Jul

I had started my blog on Ganesh chaturthi on 30th September 2012. This year it is on 5th September and the Ganeshas are ready. I have been noticing them at Gayatri temple next to my house in vasai …

Source: The Ganeshas are back.

The Ganeshas are back.

4 Jul

I had started my blog on Ganesh chaturthi on 30th September 2012. This year it is on 5th September and the Ganeshas are ready. I have been noticing them at Gayatri temple next to my house in vasai for a very long time before I decided to pay them a visit. Colourless but not dull by any standard. Here are a few of them.

The big ones

The big ones.jpg

The smaller ones

The smaller ones.jpg

All the pretty Ganeshas in a row

All pretty Ganeshas in a row.jpg

Some more pretty Ganeshas in a row

Some more pretty Ganeshas in a row.jpg

My friend, philosopher and guide Rohini Gupta @rohinigupta@wordpress.com
says that Lord Ganesh is the door keeper. Here is the one at the temple door.

The door keeper Ganesha
The door keeper Ganesh.jpg

Right now they are all in black and white. The divine colours will soon follow, without any shades of grey.

Modi for P M

15 May

I did a reading early last year on 3rd of February 2013 to see if Mr Narendra Modi, the present Chief Minister of Gujarat would be Prime Minister of India in the year 2014. The reading, done more than a year ago, showed that 2012 was a peaceful & harmonious period for him career wise. In 2013 he won all and gained sole control and in 2014 he will get a 5 year term. The reading said that if he got good allies, he would definitely be the P M in spring and there was no stopping him. It also said that all his wishes would be granted. This seems to be coming true. In fact I don’t even feel the need to do a fresh reading. Like my friend Rohini Gupta @rohinigupta.wordpress.com says, every 5 thousand years the old systems break down to make way for the new. It has been 5 thousand years since our present Kalyug started so Modi is like an idea who’s time has come and cannot be stopped. The reading also said that he is not a slow person which we can see now. He is already established so he won’t need to establish himself and is not a family man. He has already established his pattern and is far away from retirement.

There are pros and cons to Modi becoming the P M, like with every other candidate but at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much of a choice. He does seem to be a Dictator but that too seems to be the need of the hour. He has made government employees including IAS and IPS officers work in Gujarat and has promised to make them work all over India. I believe only he can make as well as keep that promise. On the 1st of fb may which s Maharashtra as well as Gujarat day, Gujarat was working while Maharashtra was shut. Ditto for Buddha Purnima.  They also say that he is against Muslims. If if that is so then why is it that when he revived the kite industry in Gujarat he gave the business to the Muslims? Let’s not talk about his achievments or even the fact that World Bank’s statement of 2011 said that  Gujarat roads are equivalent to international standards or that Gujarat is the first State in country to have “high speed wireless Broadband service in its all 18,000 villages. Forbes Magazine rated Ahmadabad as the fastest growing city in India and 3rd in the world, Gujarat Tourism is growing faster than ever before. According to central govt’s Labour Bureau’s report Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in country. Gujarat’s agriculture growth is 10-11% since whole last decade. He made the Asia’s biggest solar plant in Gujarat which is the only state in the whole of India to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity to almost all of its 18,000villages. When Narendra Modi is being chosen as the best current Indian leader in almost all surveys & polls again and again, all people are talking about is the 2002 riots. Let’s talk about the 2002 Godhra riots. The Congress can cry themselves horse about the 2002 Godhra riots in Gujarat; what do they have to say about this:

1947 Bengal….5,000 to 10,000 dead …CONGRESS RULE.
1967 Ranchi….200 DEAD……….CONGRESS RULE.
1969 Ahmedabad…512 DEAD……..CONGRESS RULE.
1970 Bhiwandi….80 DEAD………….CONGRESS RULE.
1979 Jamshedpur..125 DEAD……CPIM RULE (COMMUNIST PARTY)
1980 Moradabad…2,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.
1983 Nellie Assam…..5,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.
1984 anti-Sikh Delhi…2,733 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.
1984 Bhiwandi….146 DEAD….CONGRESS RULE.
1985 Gujarat…..300 DEAD..CONGRESS RULE.
1986 Ahmedabad……59 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE.
1987 Meerut….81 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.
1989 Bhagalpur……1,070 DEAD……CONGRESS RULE.
1990 Hyderabad……300 PLUS DEAD….CONGRESS RULE.
1992 Mumbai….900 TO 2000 DEAD….CONGRESS RULE.
1992 Aligarh….176 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE.
1992 Surat…….175 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

they become totally deaf because they have no answer. Congress is a government of hypocrites and has conveniently forgotten that 2003-2013, or till date, are the only 10 straight years in Gujarat history which are totally riot-free. The rulers of the congress party have come into politics only to protect the money they have and are still looting from us.

The last time my name was missing from the voters list due to change of address. I tried all ways and means to vote and was told by the people in charge that since I lived in a building my vote was not important. The people who lived in slums and even huts would all have their cards and voting slips. They even showed me in their books, addresses like opposite so and so shop, which was all the address that there was. The previous governments have turned a blind eye to the influx of refugees as they are their vote banks so we are being ruled by Italians, the voters are from Bangladesh and Indians don’t have their names on voters list.  Not only my names, the parents of Meera Sanyal, who I had gone to vote for the last time, didn’t have their names on the list. All this when I shifted from one building to another in colaba (South Mumbai) itself. The only change being that instead of voting at Scholar school, I had to vote at Khushroo bagh, not even 5 minutes away.

This time I too went to vote for Modi but my name was not on the voters list. Not that I expected the E C to do such a good job as to have included my name this time. In spite of not having a card or slip I still was very keen as I got a forward stating that I could vote by just giving my documents and 2 pictures and filling up form 7 at the booth, which I verified with a known police officer on polling duty. No such thing at the polling booth where the officer in charge of my building knew me and told me to go to a particular person at their headquarters with his reference. I even went to the main office at Elphinstone institute at Metro, where the gentleman concerned was surrounded by angry voters and media, mostly television people, for answers and all he kept saying was that he did not know how this happened and that it was not his fault.

The congress is feeling so threatened by him that the names of more than 6 lac voters in Mumbai, mainly Gujaratis, went missing. Not only South Mumbai, it has happened all over Mumbai. I’m sure the number is more as I didn’t even report mine as not only have I been a regular voter but more so since the gentleman was so hassled by others. My friends who have stayed in the same building in matunga east and have voted for more than 40 years regularly and religiously had their names missing. Their names and the names of others in their building, all Gujaratis needles to say, were just shifted to a building under redevelopment. Their building which is Madhumahal building at Shradhanand cross road at Matunga east was changed to Kildkunj building diagonally across which is under redevelopment. Some members of their family got their slips but still couldn’t vote. Out of 16 members of a family, all living in the same building on different floors, only 5 members could vote inspite of having their voting slips.

What can be said about it when even Mr Ram Jetmalani’s name goes missing from the voters list.

Some questions need to be answered.

1. How did so many names of regular voters do missing?
2. How is it that, in the same house, the name of the husband was on the voters list but the wife’s was not, both of them being regular voters? The same for other members of the same house?
3. How much money did the Congress pay for that?
3. Is a mere apology enough
4. Who is going to be accountable for all this, esp when Modi becomes the Prime Minister?
5. When is the electoral commission who gets paid every month with our tax payers money and works only once in 5 years going to do their job right?

Well, I believe in spite of everything there is no stopping him. Let’s hope Modi does become the P M  as in the year 2013 with our multiple multi crore scams, India had gone to the dogs and even the dogs didn’t want it. When Modi becomes the P M we will finally know who let the dogs out.